Outreach and organisation

It becomes increasingly important to communicate complex findings to the general public and to scientists with different expertises. I enjoy communicating my research to different target groups, and I am actively involved in scientific outreach. I have also been accommodating scientific discussions and networking opportunities in the form of conference session and workshop organization. I focus on the scientific content, transferrable skills, a diverse representation of the speakers, and fostering an open, inviting environment for fellow scientists. You can find out more about my outreach activities and other responsibilities below. 

Outreach activities

Appearance in outreach media (video)

04.2022, Scientific guest in podcast episode ‘Unraveling the geologic history of Venus‘, ‘The Cosmic Cast’ podcast and YouTube channel


Outreach articles (peer-reviewed lay scientific articles)

Gülcher, A. J. P. (2021), A surprisingly geologically active Venus – evidence for recent volcanic and tectonic activity. The Science Breaker, Earth and Space, DOI: 10.25250/thescbr.brk555

Gülcher, A. J. P. (2020), Evidence for a hotspot Venus – clues from mysterious coronae. Nature Astrononomy “behind the paper”, https://go.nature.com/30HTHYP

Authored outreach blog posts

Become the next Early Career Scientist Representative for the Geodynamics Division! EGU Geodynamics blog series ’Early Career Scientists’, 01.2021

What to expect from vEGU21: virtual General AssemblyEGU Geodynamics blog series ‘conferences’, 04.2021

First-time convening an EGU session? Some advice from Early Career Scientists, feature for the official EGU blog website ‘GeoLog’ , 11.2020

Venus: Science! Today!, EGU Geodynamics blog series ’Peculiar Planets’, 09.2020

#shareEGU20_GD: online EGU General Assembly highlights, EGU Geodynamics blog series ‘conferences’, 04.2020

Zürich: surrounded by a geologist’s playground, ‘Geology in the city’ blog post for EGU’s Tectonics and Structural Geology division website, 03.2020

Edited outreach blog posts

I have been an editor for the EGU Geodynamics blog websiteThe PhD Chronicles blog series gives a place for PhD researchers to share their experiences on commonly encountered situations and provide their unique view on the matter. With this blog series, I aimed to encourage a feeling of belonging under fellow early career scientists. New features are always possible, if you are interested: please contact me!

Unraveling the geologic history of Venus – Anna Gülcher‘ episode of The Cosmic Cast podcast  

The PhD Chronicles features image, by @theFlatType

Committees and activities

Roles in the European Geoscience Union:

Institutional responsibilities:

  • 05.2020-05.2022, ETH Zürich: organiser of the 2022 Doctoral Retreat for all PhDs/Postdocs from the Department of Earth Sciences 

Conference/workshop organisation:

Session convening and chairing: 

  • 05.2022 EGU General Assembly (GA),  session ‘Deformation processes from grain- to planetary-scales: experiments, observations, and models’
  • 05.2022 EGU GA,  short course ‘Meet the EGU journal editors’
  • 12.2021 AGU Fall Meeting, session ‘Interdisciplinary perspectives on intraplate magmatism, mantle plumes, and the deep Earth: both past and present’
  • 09.2021 Europlanet Science Congress, session ‘Venus Science and Exploration’
  • 07.2021 Goldschmidt conference , session ‘Ancient mantle heterogeneities through time: observations to modelling’
  • 04.2021 EGU GA,  session ‘From minerals to the dynamics of Earth’s interior: linking crystal chemistry, rheology, and geodynamics across the scales’
  • 04.2021 EGU GA,  short course ‘Meet the EGU journal editors’