I’m a PhD student at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics group at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. I’m drawn to the study of the processes of the Earth’s and planetary interiors from global to crustal scales. I use numerical modelling tools to study these processes. In particular, my interest lies in putting geophysical, geological and geochemical observations in a geodynamically coherent framework. My research focusses on, but is not restricted to, the composition and dynamics of the deep Earth, and its control on our planet’s evolution. You can find more information on my research page or my ResearchGate profile.

I’m actively involved in the the Geodynamics (GD) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). My roles include being an Editor for the EGU GD blog website and the division’s Early Career Scientists (ECS) representative. I aim to foster an open, diverse, and inclusive community for young scientists. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to be involved.


Our paper on Venusian coronae is now published in Nature Geoscience! Several media including CNN, ETH news, Reuters and Forbes reported on our work. I have also given several presentations which have been recorded. For more information, see my research and/or publication page.

The first paper related to my current PhD project has been published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. Check it out here

I am very grateful to have been awarded the OSPP prize in the EGU Geodynamics Division, while attending my first EGU conference. With the awarded poster, I presented work on the control that rheological parameters have on the style of mantle convection and primordial heterogeneity preservation in numerical models.

I have been awarded the ETH Silver Medal for the best MSc thesis in the Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich, 2018. My MSc thesis was entitled “plume-induced coronae formation on Venus –  3D thermomechanical modelling”, and it was supervised by prof. Taras Gerya (ETH Zürich) and prof. Laurent Montesi (UMD Maryland, US).