Science communication and outreach

Authored articles

What to expect from vEGU21: virtual General Assembly (Apr 2021). Post for the EGU Geodynamics division

First-time convening an EGU session? Some advice from Early Career Scientists (Nov 2020). Post for the official blog website GeoLog of the European Geoscience Union (EGU)

Venus: science! Today! (Sep 2020). ‘Peculiar Planets’ blog post for the EGU Geodynamics division 

Evidence for a hotspot Venus – clues from mysterious coronae (July 2020). Outreach article for the ‘Behind the paper’ channel for Nature Astronomy 

#shareEGU20_GD: online EGU General Assembly highlights (April 2020). ‘Conferences’ blog post for the EGU Geodynamics division 

Zürich: surrounded by a geologist’s playground (March 2020). ‘Geology in the city’ blog post for EGU’s Tectonics and Structural Geology division website

Editorial articles

I’ve been an editor of the EGU Geodynamics blog website since May 2019, and have edited a variety of blog posts authored by many talented scientists. Since 2021, I’m the topical editor for our new monthly feature: “The PhD Chronicles“. 

This blog feature gives a special place for PhD researchers to share their experiences. Many PhD student encounter the same challenges and successes at some point: a first conference, a first publication, interaction with a supervisor, work-life balance, passing your defence, etcetera, etcetera. Starting in 2021, every first Monday of the month, a PhD student will share their experiences on one of these commonly encountered situations and provide their unique view on the matter. 

Left: image by @TheFlatType 


The short story of my PhD (May 2021). The PhD Chronicles feature by Ömer Bodur, EGU Geodynamics division

Finding support in a four-legged friend (April 2021). The PhD Chronicles feature by Lori Willhite, EGU Geodynamics division

First time… Publishing a paper (March 2021). The PhD Chronicles feature by Jamie Ward, EGU Geodynamics division

Should I… Do a coding-based PhD when I don’t have much experience coding? (Feb 2021). The PhD Chronicles feature by Dan Spencer, EGU Geodynamics division

Geodynamics 101: Dynamic Topography (Nov 2020). Blog post by Fred Richards, EGU Geodynamics division

The challenges (and perks) of being academic nomads (April 2020). Blog post by Irene Bonati, EGU Geodynamics division

The conundrum posed by data and models (Oct 2019). Blog post by Dan Bower, EGU Geodynamics division

Adaption (Aug 2019). Blog post by Nicolas Coltice, EGU Geodynamics division

It doesn’t work! (Asking questions about scientific software) (July 2019). Blog post by Patrick Sanan, EGU Geodynamics division

Community building

Through the Early Career Scientist committee of the European Geosciences Union, I’m part of several working groups that aim at strengthening the voice of young scientists in the community. In particular, topics like diversity, inclusion, and equality in the academic world lie close to my heart, and I try to integrate my ambitions into these working groups and committees. 

Since Oct 2020: Member of the ‘ECS Careers working group’. European Geoscience Union (EGU)

Since May 2020: Member of the ‘ECS role in EGU working group’. European Geoscience Union (EGU)

Since May 2020: GD representative on the Early Career Scientists committee. European Geoscience Union (EGU) Geodynamics division